Religion, Politics, and The Great Pumpkin

by Depressant




Religion, Politics, and The Great Pumpkin was recorded at The Den, July 2012, by Thomas Fett and Sean Farrelly.
All music written and recorded by Depressant.
All lyrics written by Michael Fursa and Matt Brucato.

Album front and back cover artwork created by Matt Durkin.


released 09 September 2012

Matt Brucato. Mike Fursa. James Walsh.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Last Rights, Eternal Wrongs
We set in the west to rise like the sun with bright dreams, but it's not comforting that that sunrise has yet to be seen. Hope is fleeting fast and each day is grimmer than the last.

Let hands not be held, but extended in love to lift us above these lover's quarrels. If this is the American Dream, then we need to dream a littler bigger than these nightmarish morals.

I'd love to think that our swords will become plowshares because we all know what happens to a dream deferred. I've learned the first step must be taken from our knees. Only through humility can we be set free.

These funerals are exercises in futility. We honor what we've lost with ignorance. Nothing will come of nothing, so let's turn monologue into dialogue.

If that's what He meant by "love thy neighbor", then nail me to a cross for wasted labor. Certain children have been looked on with favor and if He died for hate, well, then he's not my savior.

You ask me why I'm mad, I ask why you're not.
Track Name: Black Widow
"Sing me to sleep." She said, "You could try at least". As her hands now extend not in love, but in need. Here lie the remains of me. Here lie the remains of my broken beliefs, buried deep inside a heart that no longer beats.

I can't tell you how it feels to hold on to something for so long and to wake up in the morning and for it to be gone. But I can tell you that these photographs can only do so much in the hands of one who's used to years of human touch.

And now the black widow only comes out at night. Spends her time underneath the same porch light, waiting to live, waiting to die, waiting to free her ailing mind. And the pain feels like a spider bite. Like nothing I've felt in all my life. Fighting to life, wanting to die, trying to escape this poisoned mind (of mine).

And now the black widow waits at the widow's peak. Never taking her eyes off the wretched sea. As the days turn into weeks, her disbelief believes that it's all a dream. And it won't be long before my heart turns to stone. I've been waiting for forever for far too long. And although my voice won't travel through the freezing cold, I'm dragged along by fleeting hope.
Track Name: Sunnyside Daycare
Hey man, are you ok? You're looking kind of down. I'm sensing a storm of troubles behind that frequent frown. I try to think that things aren't as black as they seem, but your dark eyes suggest otherwise.

You know, I haven't cried since the day we met because there's nothing sad about having a best friend.

Life moves to fast to just shuffle our feet. Don't let yourself feel beaten. Remind ourselves of colors so much brighter than gray and let our sunny-sides shine through today.

Remember when we said we would never give up? Well, I'm holding you to that. I hope you know how beautiful the rainbow is after the storm and I hope you know I'm right beside you to keep you warm. I know it's hard to keep your head up when that winter wind stings your face, but soon a spring breeze will take its place.

Please stick around and make my day because everything would mean nothing if you went away.

I put the gun to my foot but couldn't pull the trigger because there's nothing cool about self-destruction or self-pity.

Together our hands are enough to hold this avalanche off.