You're Breaking Up The Band, Yoko

by Depressant




Recorded live at The A Room by Thomas Fett, Spring '14.
Mixed and mastered by Thomas Fett, Summer '14.

Lyrics and music written by Matthew Brucato.
Music performed by Depressant.
Album artwork by Matt Durkin.
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released 02 September 2014

Depressant is:
Matt Brucato-Guitar, Vocals
Mike Fursa-Bass
James Walsh-Guitar
Sal Castagnaro-Drums



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Long Island Emo.

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Track Name: You're Breaking Up The Band, Yoko
You're there and I'm here. That's further than I'd ever care to be. Just ask these crumpled lyric sheet. They'd make anyone believe. You warned that there'd be stormy seas, but the ocean tore right through me. I'm swimming for the surface with chains around my feet.

I've got four weak limbs and from the ocean floor, there are miles and miles to swim. Down underneath, there's a greater difference between nine and ten when you factor in the weeks until I breathe again. Seeing you serves as my oxygen.

There's no such thing as gradual in a mind like mine that's drowned in thought. At each day's end, a change begins that's sudden and unsought. It's been eight semesters since, but I'm still as seasick as the day you left. I need you here to settle this panic in my stomach.

Now only thoughts of spring can keep my eyes open. But these eyes of mine grow dark with time. It must be from seeing all we dreamed carried away by the stream. Shallow feelings such as these can be earth shattering.